Laser Detector Review - Cobra XRS 9345

Breaking the speed limit is something that all drivers worry about and although racing around at ridiculous speeds is not advisable, it is extremely frustrating when you are issued a speeding fine for only being slightly over the speed limit. Most speeding fines are for minor offences and many people consider speeding tickets nothing more than a government scam to stealthily take extra  tax from drivers.

Thankfully, there is now a way to combat the instances when you are in danger of breaking the speed limit and incurring a fine. Laser Radar Detection systems are becoming increasingly popular and they work by warning the driver of an upcoming speed camera or law enforcement officer with a  handheld laser speed gun. Alarm bells ring or LEDs light up on the detection device giving the driver enough time to slow down within  the legal speed limit.

The popular Cobra XRS 9345 Laser Detector

The popular Cobra XRS 9345 Laser Detector

The Cobra XRS 9345 is a fairly basic laser radar detection system, ideal for first time users and designed to be used by the masses.

The main features of the XRS 9345 include its detection of 14 radar/laser bands (7 radar; including X Band, K Band, Ka Superwide and Ku Band, 6 laser; including LTI 20-20, Ultra Lyte, ProLaser, ProLaser III, Stalker LIDAR and Speedlaser and 1 safety signal). The laser signals are detected using 360-degree LaserEye detection technology. With heightened sensitivity to signals, the XRS 9345 has various settings to reduce false alarms, which increase its  reliability. In addition, the XRS 9345 has a safety alert which warns drivers if they are approaching emergency vehicles, railways or road hazards, which are all useful features.

Cobras  XRS 9345 sports an UltraBright Data Display, which can also be dimmed to enhance night driving visibility. The memory stays set to retain radar detector settings for as long a period as is required.

This little device is also untraceable  to the Spectre  and VG2 radar detector-detectors, which mean you wont be pulled over for having one of these devices in your vehicle. The laws surrounding laser radar detection systems differ throughout the world so it is important that you check if you are legally allowed to use it in your desired country. Laser radar detection systems are legal in the UK and many states in North America.

One downside to the Cobra XRS 9345 is that some drivers may find it a little awkward to fit, due to its sleek shape. However, considering the highly competitive price, this is only a slight issue to contend with.

The Cobra XRS 9345 has a lightweight, compact design and comes with a one-year limited warranty. It is a very affordable price at only $99.95 and can usually be found for less online.

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