How To Choose A Detector Laser - What Features Are Important?

Detector laser - Choosing a laser detector these day is no simple matter. The feature list has grown and todays radar detectors are much more advanced than even five years ago. GPS has had a huge impact on the detector laser market, as have red light cameras and stationary detector lasers hidden all accross todays [...]

How Radar Detectors and Laser Detectors have Evolved

Laser Radar Detection Systems are designed for motorists to be alerted to the presence of speed traps before they reach them, giving them enough time to slow down to the required speed limit and avoid a hefty fine.
Although driving over the limit at ridiculous speeds is in no doubt dangerous, the increase in speeding fines [...]

PassPort 9500ci Detector Laser

The PassPort 9500ci is a top of the line, creme de- la- creme, detector laser system. The Passport 9500CI custom installed and can be tweaked to your exact preferences. Its more than a radar detector, its really a complete detector laser defense system. This baby does it all and has the bells and whistles youve [...]

What is a Radar detector?

A radar detector is a passive electronic piece of equipment that is used by drivers of cars, motorcycle and commercial trucks in order to find out if the speed in which they are driving is being watched by local law enforcement. The law enforcement officer will also be using a radar gun in order to [...]

Can A Radar Detector Save You From A Speeding Ticket?

Radar Detectors or Jammers have been called essential for beating a speeding ticket but do they really work? First we have to point out that Radar Detectors and Jammers are illegal in Virginia and in Washington DC and on any United States Military Base. They are also illegal in commercial vehicles in Illinois and New [...]

Do Radar Detectors Promote Speeding?

There are many myths regarding radar detectors and one of those myths is radar detectors promote speeding. Is this truth or a myth? The truth is that it is a bit of both. It really depends on the person. Some people buy these detectors so that they don’t get caught speeding.
Some of the time the [...]

How to Shop for a Radar Detector?

If you have your heart set on purchasing a radar detector, you should know what you are looking for. There are hundreds of companies out there that are looking to take your money and not give you the radar detector that you think you are getting. Here are some things that you should look for [...]

Laser detector and radar detectors or laser radar detector

They come by many names: radar detector, laser detector, laser radar detector, fuzz buster, fuzz, etc.The name itself is not really that important, but saving money and driving privileges is important!
A radar detector is a passive electronic piece of equipment that is used by drivers of cars, motorcycle and commercial trucks in order to find [...]