Stinger DSI Laser Detector

None of us want to get caught speeding; its embarrassing and costly, not to mention the fact it can put you at risk of losing your driving licence. However, no matter how careful we profess to be, we all slip up on occasion and run the risk of being caught by a speed camera. Nowadays there are many Laser radar detection systems available on the market which give you fair warning of any speed cameras up ahead.

Impressive LCD intergace of Stinger DSI

Impressive LCD intergace of Stinger DSI

The Stinger DSI is one of the latest to hit the shelves and it doesnt come cheap at over $2000. The Stinger DSI is a fully integrated system featuring laser, radar and GPS as well as a multitude of cool features including options for jamming. The reason for the extortionate price tag is the fact that this system uses military technology as opposed to traditional radar detection technology. Whether this is really as fandabydozy as it first seems, remains to be seen.

Not yet available in the United States, the DSI has just been released in the UK after a successful run of sales throughout Spain, Germany and Holland.

The biggest plus for the Stinger DSI is in its ability to warn drivers of speed traps at twice the distance away than traditional radar detectors could and because of this military technology it is  completely legal, even in countries with a radar detector ban. Initial set up of the Stinger DSI may take a bit of time, but the actual system is very easy and straightforward to use.

In recent months the Stinger DSI has seen numerous updates to its laser detection technology and although it is great that this is being updated regularly, it is inconvenient in the fact that you cannot add these updates yourself.

The integration of GPS was a top feature of the Stinger DSI because it included speed trap location alerts, fixed camera warnings and best of all trip logging, which was especially useful for business executives to differentiate between work and personal travel. Unfortunately the original GPS Database was supplied by Novus who no longer provide them with GPS data. This means that there are currently no GPS updates available until such time that Stinger can get a new GPS database dealer.

Another major pitfall to transpire with this system is the detection of the Gatso frequency, which turns out to be the same as Active Cruise Control and is a feature commonly present in many new cars on the road. This can result in a lot of falsing, which is certainly not acceptable behaviour from such an expensive gadget.

However, even taking into consideration some of these downfalls, there are just so many fabulous aspects to the Stinger DSI that the overall verdict is  a thumbs up.

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