NavAlert Red Light Camera Detector

The NavAlert is a state of the art laser, radar detection system with the significant bonus of red light camera detection. Red light cameras are devices which take a photograph of a vehicle that breaks the law by driving through a red traffic light.

It is estimated that there are between 5 and 6 thousand photo enforced red light cameras and speed cameras currently operating the United States. The use of these cameras raises many legal and moral issues including the fact that many drivers believe them to be a direct invasion of their privacy. There is also no concrete evidence that these red light cameras effectively help traffic safety.

NavAlert Redlight Camera Detector

NavAlert Redlight Camera Detector

Detection of red light cameras is the main reason the NavAlert system is so well-liked and it is designed to alert every type of Red Light Speed Camera in the USA and Canada , as well as Australia and South Africa

The NavAlert also warns the driver when in close proximity to high traffic collision areas and all permanent safety cameras. The detector sounds an alarm if you are breaking the speed limit near a camera, but it remains quiet if you are within the speed limit

Installation of the NavAlert is very straightforward and it plugs straight into your lighter plug.

The NavAlert speed camera detector has a very extensive database which can store over 150,000 positions in its memory. It also sports a school zone setting, which can be switched on and off, this tells the driver when they are approaching a school, which always has very low speed limits.

Additional features of the NavAlert include a GPS speedometer with supreme accuracy, a current location compass in Latitude and Longitude measures (always useful in an emergency) and Voice and LED Alerts keep you updated on your current status  when you are approaching speed cameras, schools, red light cameras, high collision areas and fixed speed cameras. You can also divide your  speed camera locations into each of these different categories for personal preference and organisational benefits.

Regular updates for the NavAlert are available from and these are very easy to implement using a USB cable supplied with the NavAlert unit. Kudos goes to NavAlert for keeping these updates free of charge, unlike many other big brand laser detection system manufacturers.

The NavAlert system costs $249.99 but can be sourced for cheaper on the web. This is a very competitive price for such a useful gadget and It comes with a full 1 year warranty

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