What is a Radar detector?

A radar detector is a passive electronic piece of equipment that is used by drivers of cars, motorcycle and commercial trucks in order to find out if the speed in which they are driving is being watched by local law enforcement. The law enforcement officer will also be using a radar gun in order to determine the rate of speed in which you are traveling. They will decide if that is a safe enough speed to allow you to continue or they may pull you over as a warning or maybe cite you a ticket.

Most law enforcement officers use a system called a Doppler radar. This system runs a beam to the motor vehicle and then the radio wave gets into the vehicles speed. The Doppler radar then measures the speed and the officer can determine exactly how fast you are going. That is why it is so important to not speed just for fear of getting a ticket but for fear that you may hurt someone driving in excess of the speed limit.

Giving a ticket to a woman

Giving a ticket to a woman

Back in the late 70’s and 80’s radar detectors were just that simple devices that could just detect radar, today they have a bunch of cool features such as GPS, this GPS is different than the GPS that you use to find directions to someone’s house. This GPS will direct you where to stay away from, speed traps, false readings and even where to find red light cameras.

Some of the radar detectors offer 8-point compasses and even voice alert. Voice alert will tell you rather than having you look on the radar where your nearest detector is.  Once radar detector companies understand the need for better technology they get right to it. There are passive radar detectors, which are legal in some states, and active detectors that are not legal at all.

There is now soothing called a LIDAR Detector, this device was created because the newest line in detecting speeders is pulsed laser light or LIDAR. Regular radar detectors cannot pick up these lasers so it is open season on you if you are speeding. But it has been said that LIDAR is not as effective as radar detectors.

Radar detectors use radio waves that can expand about 85 feet while the laser detectors can only reach about 6 feet so an officer will have to be right behind you to catch you speeding with the LIDAR. This is a new concept and a lot may have to be worked out, radar is currently the best way for Police to catch you speeding and for you to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

The best defense against speeding tickets is not to speed. But some people have what they call lead feet.  So the next best thing is to have a good solid radar detector at your side but do yourself a favor and make sure that they are legal in your state.

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