PassPort 9500ci Detector Laser

The PassPort 9500ci is a top of the line, creme de- la- creme, detector laser system. The Passport 9500CI custom installed and can be tweaked to your exact preferences. Its more than a radar detector, its really a complete detector laser defense system. This baby does it all and has the bells and whistles youve come to expect.

Writing a ticket

Writing a ticket

The Passport 9500ci is also a GPS which when coupled with the detector laser make it one bad little gizmo. It can identify not only the source, but the location of radar signals automatically. False signals are eliminated as this smart detector laser learns and adapts to the information it receives.

No worries about being seen, this radar detector laser system is custom installed to be completely hidden. This magic device is completely undetectable to all police detectors, so they will not even know you have it. They cannot find it electronically, or visually, so it works even in states where detector laser devices are banned.

So why the GPS?

The Passport 9500ci is literally a little computer. It has a database with thousands of speed camera locations, red light cameras in North America. The GPS will always know where you are in relation to upcoming threats and will alert you before its too late. New database updates are available on their website so your never running on outdated information.  If you dont want to take chances, and can afford it, this detector laser is the obvious choice.

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  • Dusty

    I have first hand experience with this system. Its overpriced and ineffective. If you install it completely hidden, its even more ineffective. The laser heads have to be out in the clear, and the radar antenna cannot be behind your grille. Even in the most ideal installation, the Shifter heads simply do not work well enough to protect anything but the very smallest, blackest, no-chrome Honda from police laser, even at short distances. The radar sensitivity is no better than a good dash detector, and if you dont mount it out in the open, its worse than a dash detector. And it suffers from the same problem that all Escort detectors suffer from, which is the slowest response time in the industry. That means the cop already has your speed on radar before you even get an alert. And finally, the GPS that is supposed to lock out false alerts also has a tendency to lock out real alerts too. All said, this is absolutely the worst radar and laser system on the market. A $200 dollar Whistler provides better protection. A $400 dollar Valentine 1 blows it away. Save your money.

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