Do Radar Detectors Promote Speeding?

There are many myths regarding radar detectors and one of those myths is radar detectors promote speeding. Is this truth or a myth? The truth is that it is a bit of both. It really depends on the person. Some people buy these detectors so that they don’t get caught speeding.

Some of the time the scenario runs like this, you are driving along maybe 5 to 10 above the speed limit but you are in a hurry to get some place and you have no time for a speeding ticket so you use the detector to warn you in plenty of time for you to slow down. Then once you get to your appointment you drive at a normal rate.

Funny answer to ticket

Funny answer to ticket

The other scenario works like this, you are speeding because you have a fast looking car like a mustang or maybe a BMW. You speed just like to breathe but you may have too many tickets and you want to avoid another one or you have doesn’t see anything wrong with driving 10 to 15 over the limit.

The people who purchase simple detectors use them as warning signs that they should not drive so fast and the people who buy the tricked out models are using it to avoid speed traps for speeding and maybe other reasons as well.

While there is no real evidence that people buy these detectors so they can speed, it can be viewed as that way.  Like we said it all depends on the drivers and their driving history. Sometimes people don’t realize they are speeding because others are speeding and they are keeping up but that is no excuse. So they purchase these radar detectors as warnings to themselves to drive slower.

Speeding is right up there as a huge reason why people get into accidents. Maybe it is a good idea to purchase a detector so it can monitor your speed. It can’t really make you slow down but if the alert sounds off and you look and realize that you are speeding you can make a conscious effort to slow down.

It has also been said that radar detectors are dangerous drivers to begin with but that isn’t necessarily true. Radar Detectors are illegal in some states so make sure that you are allowed to have them, if you get caught with one and you live in a state that it is illegal to carry one you can face FCC violations.

Keep in mind that radar detectors can help you become more conscious of speeding and for most people it does not promote speeding.  If you did use a radar detector to help you not get caught as you speed, think twice before you do speed, you never know who could be speeding too. Driving is a privilege and other people have to trust that you are going to obey the laws just as they do. It just may save someone’s life.

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