Can A Radar Detector Save You From A Speeding Ticket?

Radar Detectors or Jammers have been called essential for beating a speeding ticket but do they really work? First we have to point out that Radar Detectors and Jammers are illegal in Virginia and in Washington DC and on any United States Military Base. They are also illegal in commercial vehicles in Illinois and New York. Then you have an indirectly illegal radar detector in Minnesota and California. In these two states, they detectors they are not illegal but if you hang them on your windshield and they obstruct your view while driving then they are considered to be illegal. Check with your local state laws because they change all the time.

All a radar detector is going to do is let you know that there is an officer with a radar detector looking for speeders. If your detector goes off you should have the common sense to slow down immediately and thank the detector from getting you a ticket. But there are others who believe that their detector is going to jam the frequency and they won’t get caught. Do your self a favor and be the first person.

Police writing a ticket

Police writing a ticket

There are times when an officer is sitting on the side of the road or possibly hidden from sight and someone drives by with a radar detector, that officer can tell where the jammed frequency is coming from and you may get caught anyway. Basically, if you don’t speed you won’t get caught. Let’s say the office pulls you over any way despite your trusty detector, he is not going to be lenient just because he sees you have a detector especially in a state that frowns on them in the first place.

You may also think to your self that by having a radar detector you can avoid a ticket by slowing down but the truth is that when a Police Officer sees you slow down when you pass him, it could give him reason to pull you over. If you are going to invest in a jammer then make sure that it can spot a detector a mile away.

There are two types of Jammers, there are Passive and Active. The passive jammers, are legal in most states because they don’t emit any type of radio frequency. While active jammers are illegal because they do transmit frequencies. So, if you plan on getting a radar detector then save your money and do some research and get the best they have on the market. The best way to not get a speeding ticket is to not speed. But the answer to the question, Can A Radar Detector Save You From A Speeding Ticket? the answer is not all the time.

It is a hit and miss answer, some detectors work well and can warn you in plenty of time when there is a radar in the vicinity and then there are others they just don’t work. The best way to find out if they work is by trial and error, but it is not something that is recommended.

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  • Scott R.

    I reside in one of those unfortunate states that frown upon Radar Detectors! (Virginia)
    Can a police officer pull you over merely for the fact that you have a radar detector by either seing it, or if he has a radar detector that tells him that you have one. My understanding was that they need probable cause to pull someone over.

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